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Unveiling Excellence: Apex Trader Funding and CEO Darrell Martin

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Welcome to the dynamic world of Apex Trader Funding, the frontrunner in futures funding evaluation, led by the visionary CEO Darrell Martin. In this exploration, we’ll unravel the journey of Darrell Martin, the mind behind Apex Trader Funding, and shed light on why it stands as the epitome of innovation and excellence in the financial domain.

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Darrell Martin: The Visionary Pioneer

About Darrell Martin:
Over a decade ago, Darrell Martin founded Apex Investing, an educational platform designed to unite traders and enhance their skills. With almost two decades of trading experience, Martin’s journey from a retail trader to a seasoned professional is an inspiration in itself. Holding both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, he has dedicated over 10 years to developing software used by traders in over 150 countries worldwide.

Interviews and Awards:
Martin’s achievements have not gone unnoticed, earning accolades such as the 2023 Benzinga Award, 2023 Financial Services Review Award, and featured interviews with prestigious platforms like NASDAQ, Modest Money, Medium, and Canadian Futures in 2023.

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Apex Trader Funding: A Model of Excellence

Company Overview:
Founded in 2021, Apex Trader Funding emerged with a mission to create a superior funding model, striving to pay out the most to traders. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company exclusively focuses on evaluating traders in the futures markets, building a thriving community of members across 150 countries.

Why Choose Apex Trader Funding?
Apex Trader Funding distinguishes itself with its trader-friendly approach. Offering one of the fewest rules, lowest costs, and highest contract plans, the company empowers traders by focusing on their ability to manage risk, profit, and size. No restrictions during holidays or news events, and the absence of daily drawdowns, give traders the freedom to trade anytime.

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Evaluation Accounts:

  • Trade full-size contracts
  • Only 1 evaluation step of 7 trading days
  • No scaling requirements
  • No daily drawdowns
  • Trade on holidays and during news events
  • Manage risk with a large live trailing threshold
  • Access free real-time data
  • Least expensive reset fee
  • Globally available where allowed by law
  • Receive a Free Ninja License
  • Upon passing evaluation, gain access to a paid performance account

Paid Performance Accounts (PA):

  • Free Ninja License $75/month included
  • Live data save $55/month included
  • No size restrictions like scaling
  • Get paid 100% of your first $25,000 profit
  • Receive 90% of your performance thereafter

In the Press:

Apex Trader Funding’s impact is evident through its extensive coverage in renowned publications, including PR Newswire, O’Dwyer’s, CEO Blog Nation, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, and many more. The recognition highlights the company’s success and growing influence in the financial industry.

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December 2022 | Wake Up! With Marci
December 2022 | Prolong Wealth Interview
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July 2023 | Manage Self, Lead Others Podcast
July 2023 | Benzinga
July 2023 | Market Watch
August 2023 | PR Newswire
August 2023 | Yahoo Finance
August 2023 | Markets Insider

Exclusive Lifetime Discount Deal:

As a special offer, Apex Trader Funding is currently providing a lifetime discount deal for all evaluation accounts and half-priced resets. Use the code “VTFGKPGN” or click here to unlock this exclusive opportunity.

In conclusion, the fusion of Darrell Martin’s vision and Apex Trader Funding’s innovative model has positioned them as leaders in the futures funding evaluation arena, making them a compelling choice for traders worldwide. Seize the opportunity and embark on your trading journey with Apex Trader Funding’s lifetime discount deal today!

About Apex Trader Funding - Prop Trading Deals (2024)


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