Adopt Duke Ark Mans Best Friend on Petfinder (2024)

What I LOVE about DUKE: he is calm, exceptionally loyal, and loving, perfect to take anywhere.

Dukes current foster is a teacher with no other dogs at home. Duke is okay with hanging out in his crate until she gets home. He is fostered in a suburban neighborhood and loves to take walks with his foster for exercise. He also loves couch cuddles!

Duke says he would prefer a home with squirrels to chase in a big backyard and a cozy couch to squeeze his 62 pounds into to get his love scratches on. His age is a complete guess. He may be younger. He does not act like a senior. He is mature and laid-back but does not act old at all. We absolutely adore his energy level, and how lovable he is. He is going to make a best friend for someone.

" When I took Duke out on the trail this afternoon, he walked beautifully on the leash! There was a dog on the trail that was not on a leash. Yikes! Duke did not react, even though the dog was barking and walking towards us. I had Duke sit and wait patiently until the dog started to walk away with its owner. Duke would check in with me, and we kept walking. He had a great walk!"

Duke is an 8-year-old medium-energy sweet soul who loves attention and going places.

He went to a restaurant this week and stood patiently next to the table while we ate dinner. He did not jump on people, bark, or do anything embarrassing. He sat for french fries on command, greeted the children, and wagged his tail when every new person came up to say hello. He did not bark or snap towards other dogs. He was a pleasure to have around out in public!

He will jump right into the car and sit in his assigned chair like a perfect gentleman. His manners are impeccable in the car.

Fall in love with DUKE:

When taking him to the park to walk, he was a quiet boy the entire time. He wouldn't have cared if a stranger wanted to say hello. The kids playing loudly in the background didn't bother him at all either. Dogs would stroll by and he would want to meet, but he never once barked or growled at another dog.

Now once Duke gets a bit of exercise down, his leash skills of pulling improve well.... until he sees those pesky squirrels. He thinks they secretly torment him!!

Duke is dog friendly but being a senior gentleman, he doesn't want to play or rough house. His perfect dog mate would be an easy going female or an older female girl who knows how to relax. Relaxing is Duke's jam!

Duke is fostered in Texas! We would love to do a virtual meet and greet and answer any questions about this boy.

Application link:

Please email with any questions.

Available for adoption to anywhere in the US. We transport near or into NV, MT, CO,UT, ID, OR, WA, Canada, and now the East Coast! Our PNW dogs are brought to you in style by a beautiful USDA licensed semi-truck, equipped with air conditioning for comfort, two drivers, and 2 onboard attendants providing 24 hour care. Our East Coast route will travel in a private, air conditioned 3LP-run van or bus transport. Pick up day is unforgettable! You will get to follow along on their journey through a private FB Event page, where you will see photos, have the opportunity to connect with other adopters, and receive updates and constant communication along the way. We can help to find the closest transport pick up location to you!

The adoption fee is $750 and includes all vetting per our veterinarian: DAPP (2 to 4 depending on age and time in the program), Bordetella, Rabies vaccine, multiple broad spectrum deworming treatments, spay/neuter surgery, flea prevention, 2-6 months of heartworm preventative according to age, heartworm testing and heartworm treatment if applicable, extended medical such as dentals, eye surgeries, and orthopedic surgeries prior to adoption when suggested by our partner vets, a microchip with free lifetime registration, a high quality nylon Martingale collar for dogs over 4 months old, a health certificate deeming the pup healthy for travel, cost of transport*, and many priceless years of love and loyal companionship!

*WE ARE TOLD THAT WE GO ABOVE AND BEYOND MEDICALLY. This is the feedback we tend to get, although we cannot guarantee perfect health.
*To fully vet a dog in the PNW at many vets it would be upwards of $1,800 just to fix, vaccinate, chip, etc. The adoption fees charged by our rescue do not cover our expenses medically for each animal, but we offset costs with donations. Your adoption fee is considered a donation towards actual costs.

Why adopt from Three Little Pitties?

The stray and animal overpopulation in the Greater Houston area is the highest in the nation. Statistics show that there are over 1 million homeless animals in this region alone. Three Little Pitties Rescue is a nonprofit dog and cat rescue that partners with the community to make a difference. Our mission is to reduce the homeless pet population through community outreach, free spay and neuter services, and saving all breeds of dogs and cats from the streets or animal shelters that oftentimes have no other option but to euthanize animals for space. This dog youve found online is lucky to be in our program, and even luckier to have you notice it!

Three Little Pitties wants to set you and your new pet up for success! We know our dogs and we work hard to prepare them socially for adoption. We are a network of dedicated people who are heavily invested in seeing our animals thrive. From the moment they are accepted into our program, our Intake, Behavior & Medical teams prepare them for adoption by properly vetting, behaviorally assessing, and providing customized plans depending on the dogs needs. We provide weekly socialization programs for our dogs through playgroups and group leash training classes available to all dogs in our adoption program, and Doggy Sleepover, Doggy Day Out, and Ambassador programs for our boarding dogs. There is a professional dog trainer on staff to provide support for our fosters and dogs, and an off-site dog trainer for dogs that need more extensive behavior modification. This helps us learn deeply about every dog, prepare them for adoption, and ultimately match them with loving families. We seek to adopt to families who understand that these are rescue dogs and will require continued training efforts, but will be well on their way to being the best dogs that they can be!

It doesnt stop there! Our adopters also receive these special perks:

30 day trial of pet insurance with Trupanion (must register within 24 hours of first vet appt.)
A free private online dog training session with GoodPup plus low pricing for future sessions (approx $25 weekly for an 8 week course of one session per week)
One free bonus toy in every BarkBox when signing up for their Super Chewer subscription plan
70% off of your first order of Fetch, a PNW based, organic fresh dog food loaf meal subscription plan
Coupons for a fun visit to Petco
Access to our exclusive FB Adopters page, where you can network for play dates, resources, and connect with other adopters that share their passion for their adopted pup!

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary this year! Through the combined efforts of all of our hardworking staff and volunteers, we have placed over 12,000 very lucky dogs and cats into amazing homes! By adopting from us, you save TWO lives! The pet you adopt, and you create an opportunity for another animal to be saved in that spot. Together, we can be heroes.

Follow our rescue journey through the links below!

*Due to the rising cost of fuel and transportation expenses, there will be an additional $74 surcharge for transport.

DISCLAIMER- Breed type is determined based on general appearance and behavioral characteristics, and cannot be guaranteed unless DNA test results or AKC registration were provided at intake.

Adopt Duke Ark Mans Best Friend on Petfinder (2024)


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