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Hi, my name is Kalina. I know that I am beautiful and a dog that when everybody sees my picture they will want to have me as their own. But you see, I lived a life without humans My entire life. I was just used to make babies. So many beautiful, beautiful babies. But I was never given love, affection, or touch, and I did not even get a minimal amount of attention. So I am not easy. I am not the dog that will come to you if you are looking at me. I will never let you reach down and rub my entire body, at least not until we have known each other for a while. I will barely get close enough for you to just feel my nose and give me a loving touch on my face. But if you give me a chance, I will make small strides. I don't know if I'll ever be that loving couch potato kind of dog. But I do surprise my fommy sometimes and get up on the couch when she's not paying attention and snuggle at her feet. But if you move, I'll move. I will sneak up on you and boop your butt when you're doing dishes. I will bark at you when I want to come in the house and probably even make you leave the house so that I can come in the house. It will take me a while to take treats from your hand. But I will do it eventually. I need time and slow movements-more time than most. I need someone to build a routine with me. Someone who understands that is who I need.

From her Fommy: Understanding that this dog is not a typical dog is so important. As her Foster, it took me months before she would even allow me into the same room with her. We have been together for eight months now, and she's still only coming to the room with me if I'm not looking at her. She loves her crate. She walks right into it as long as I'm not in the path and have my back to her. I tell you this just so you understand how special she is. Even though she is so standoffish, I know that she loves me with everything that she has. But when she presents her love, it doesn't look like a typical kind of love from any other dog. And this girl needs somebody that's willing to accept that.

She will absolutely require another dog in her household because that is what helps her thrive and to show her safety. She will absolutely need a crate in her home because that is her safe spot. And a fenced-in yard is definitely a must because she is a flight risk. She does not know how to walk on leash and I don't know if she ever will be able to. The real world is just very scary for her. When I take her out she is on multiple leashes and that is just to get her from the house to the car. That being said, I also think a farm environment would work for her. As long as it's not near big roads. You would still need to work with her first to get her comfortable. And she needs another dog to help her with that. But if you give her a nice picnic table to sunbathe on, she will be ever so happy. When it comes down to it, she's a very loyal dog to her property and people.

She's amazing with dogs and children, although with dogs, she can be annoyingly in their face/muzzle area for a long time. And with children, she is very easily startled, so I would say older children. A calm/laid-back home would be ideal.

She is an amazingly sweet, perfect dog, but she's not your typical dog. You are never going to make her into what you want. You just have to be okay with becoming who she needs. If you're up for that task, please inquire for this girl

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Adopt Kalina on Petfinder (2024)


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