Prop Firm EA Review - Pros, Cons and Ratings (2024)

Author: The Forex Geek | Published: January 30, 2023

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I’ll be reviewing the Prop Firm EA in this post. This is an automated forex trading system that has been set up to function in the well-known MetaTrader forex trading platform. Most forex brokers offer MetaTrader for free download. It is important to note that running forex robots requires the desktop version of the MetaTrader platform.

The Prop Firm EA may be loaded onto your platform’s charts, where it will use its built-in algorithm to continuously scan the forex market for trading signals. The expert adviser can enter the market and manage the user’s position when it decides there is a trading opportunity. There are several important benefits and drawbacks to be aware of even if this may seem like an alluring option for people who lack the time or expertise necessary to trade manually.

In this Prop Firm EA review, I’ll be examining the automated forex trading method it uses, any back tests the creator has supplied, and—most critically—the results from actual verified account data. This information should assist you in determining whether or not you would use this forex EA on your personal forex account.

Prop Firm EA Trading Strategy

As the name suggests, the Prop Firm expert advisor is being targeted at users who are looking to pass challenges set by forex prop trading firms. However, this is simply a marketing technique as the bot can be used by anyone in theory. The developers state that how long it takes to pass the prop challenge depends on market conditions but usually it takes 10-15 trading days to complete phase 1 and phase 2.

They do not take a profit share themselves as they are simply providing an automated forex strategy that does all of the market analysis and trading on behalf of the user. They claim to offer a full refund if you do not pass the evaluation challenge of your prop firm within 60 days. Just keep in mind that there is no guarantee on results and you choose to use any forex robot including this one, at your own discretion.

Prop Firm EA Features

  • Designed specifically with prop trading in mind
  • Can automatically scan the forex market, place and manage trades
  • Settings can be customised according to user preferences
  • Developed for the MetaTrader desktop platform
  • Instant download link delivery of software
  • Unlimited licenses for taking as many challenges as you need
  • Comes with full support and a 60-day money back policy

Prop Firm EA Back Testing

When selecting a forex robot, I like to make sure the creator has offered back tests that demonstrate how the forex expert advisor may have traded over a sizable amount of historical data over a variety of currency pairs. This can aid in our comprehension of how the automated trading strategy operates and performs under various market circ*mstances. Historical performance is by no means a guarantee of future performance, but it can give us a good indication of what to expect in general.

Disappointingly, I was unable to find any Prop Firm EA backtests. Therefore, we have no way to analyse the strategy that it is using or how it may have performed historically speaking. Without this information, there is no wat to see important statistics or make an informed decision as to whether we like the implemented trading strategy or not. You could always look at the Forex Robotron EA if you are searching for an expert advisor that has top quality backtests available of many years of historical data across multiple currency pairs.

Prop Firm EA Results

While past tests can be helpful in some situations, real account results are, in my opinion, the most crucial feature to look for in a forex robot. This would provide us a clear picture of how the Prop Firm EA has been performing given the current market circ*mstances. By doing so, you can assess your satisfaction with the numerous statistics, including the profit factor, drawdown, average win, average loss, transaction duration, trading volume, and more. Visit my top forex robots results page to view the most recent performance data from all real, confirmed trading accounts.

Unfortunately, there are no Prop Firm EA results for us to see how it has been performing through recent market conditions. If the lack of back tests was a let-down, the fact that there are no up to date verified results would be a deal breaker for me. I would be asking why there are no accounts being shared as we have no idea of what to expect without them.

If the developers are reading this and have since published some Prop Firm EA results, please let me know and I will have the review updated right away. Alternatively, you can view the Forex Flex EA for a trading bot that does have verified results on multiple different broker accounts.

Prop Firm EA Summary

Overall, I cannot recommend this particular Forex Prop EA simply due to the fact that there are no backtests or real live verified results. We therefore have not idea of what we are getting or what to expect in terms of how it trades and performs.

You can find out more about the Prop Firm EA by visiting the website using the link below. It does come with instructions, full support, free updates and a money back guarantee.

Forex Prop EA









  • Can be used for prop trading
  • Fully automated fx robot
  • Full support
  • Customisable settings
  • Unlimited evaluations
  • Money back guarantee


  • No real verified account results
  • No historical backtests
  • Strategy is not clear

Visit Forex Prop EA Website

Prop Firm EA Review - Pros, Cons and Ratings (4)

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Prop Firm EA Review - Pros, Cons and Ratings (2024)


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